Grand discovery of the first appearance of object-layering

To object-layer is to obtain the information on the outside of an object by using the eyes. After opening the eyes, certain parts of the population can perceive structures and details of an object from a distance. This is an additional sense next to hearing, smelling, touching and tasting. At this moment in time, 259 After Intelligence, it is estimated that around 38.7% of the world population has developed the ability to object-layer.

The phenomenon was first registered in 666 B.I.. A recording was excavated in which a young female individual explained her perception of object-layering.
In the recording it is stated that by the knowledge of this individual no one else, but her, developed the sense of object-layering yet at that time.
The Identity of the individual remains unknown and only the gender could be derived from the recording. In the recording a follow-up is mentioned, but so far further recordings remain undiscovered.

A highly remarkable aspect of the recording is the description of the societal hierarchy in a world without object-layering. Social rankings in this period were arranged mainly by a notion of how different individuals smell rather than the ability to object-layer or the object-symphony of one’s skin. The questions raised on this topic by the female individual are still relevant today.
The recording also captures the first description of object-symphonies. Though due to a lack of vocabulary on naming different object-symphonies it is somewhat unclear if all object-symphonies are perceived by the female individual.

The excavation of the recording let the object-layer research team to start an in-depth research whether object-layering is transmittable, and what the options are for making the sense of object layering available to a wider public.
Before the discovery of the recording it was assumed that at the arrival of the Intelligence different individuals started to be able to object-layer at the same moment. The discovery of the recording however suggests that already before the arrival of the Intelligence certain individuals were able to object-layer. This leads the object-layer research team to be optimistic about finding more clarity concerning object-layering.

The recording can be listened to by scanning the code below.

︎︎︎Anna Jaël Vetulani